Buying a chess set can be a challenging task as there are many various styles and sizes of chess sets to choose from. How do you know which type is suitable?

If you are buying a chess set for a beginner or for introducing someone to the game, a simple plastic or a wooden chess set with a foldable board will do. If the set is likely to be used on the move, you can get either a magnetic chess set or a travel chess set that comes with a rollable board.

For the more serious player, chess sets made of wood, marble or glass can be considered. In choosing the type of chess board and pieces, you should take into account the person’s taste and level of commitment to the game.

A well known and respected player will definitely need a chess set that matches his stature when his friends or peers visit him to have a game from time to time.

When it comes to chess sets for die hard collectors, there are really no limits. Find out what they already have and are currently lacking. Then get a collectible or theme chess set that is befitting of your relationship to him or her.