The pattern of the chess board has never changed over time, yet there are many different kinds of chess boards available. There are chess boards made of marble, plastic, cardboard, glass and wood.

When choosing a chess board, you will want to match the black pieces to the dark colour squares of the board. Of course, you should also match the size of the board to the chess pieces .

There are some chess boards that can be folded into a storage box to hold the chess pieces. These usually come as a complete set with the chess pieces and are ideal if you intend to use the chess set outside your house.

There are also chess boards that are built into solid chess tables. Obviously, these are meant to be used at a specific location and would also have some decorative purpose.

If cost is a consideration, those chess boards made of cardboard and plastic will be more affordable. Otherwise, you should consider getting a board made of marble, glass or wood as they are usually more durable.

For a wooden chess board, check that the squares are crafted of inlaid wood and not simply painted on. The various types of wooden boards available include Erable, Maple, Aspen, Birch, Walnut, Mahogany, Palisander, Wenge, Macassar, Ebony-Maple, Teak, Sycamore and Elm.