Other than the theme chess sets, the value of the chess pieces is usually reflected in the design of the Knight and to a lesser extent, the design of the Rook.

A superbly crafted and carved knight can represent up to 50% of the total value of the chess pieces. You should be able to observe the finer details even in the eyes, teeth and mane.

When looking at the Rook, more attention should be paid to the slope of the trunk as well as the turret.

Weight of the Chess Pieces

Weighted chess pieces are more heavy and do not fall over so easily as compared to cheaper chess sets. Chess piece weights can be classified as single weighted (15-25gm), double weighted (30-50gm), triple weighted (50-115gm) and natural weighted.

Natural simply means the weight of the material in which the pieces are made. These may include wood (about 20gm), marble (about 35gm), metal (similar to double weighted), stone (80gm) and plastic (less than 15gm).