Theme chess sets are not like your traditional chess sets. Instead, the chess pieces follow a particular theme. The fact that there are 12 different kinds of pieces (6 for each colour) means that a lot of artistic expression is possible with the pieces.

The common theme chess sets can be classified under different categories:

Animal - One example is the dogs vs cats set. Another interesting set that has much scope for creative expression is the dinosaurs set.

Fantasy or Frictional - These sets could portray characters or items from movies, books or television series. Some examples include Harry Potter, Star Trek and Alice in Wonderland.

Historical - Examples of sets that come under this category would include themes like Egyptian, Roman, Isle of Lewis and Japanese.

Sports - There are football and golf sets available. These sets could also be used to depict long standing sports rivalry. How about a Manchester United against a Liverpool chess set?

War - Chess is a game of war, and what better way than to use it to highlight some of the historical war battles? The USA civil war and Crusade are popular examples.

Novelty - Anything else would come under this category. There’s even a coca-cola set for those die-hard coke fans!

As the pieces of theme chess sets are usually quite varied, they are seldom used for actual play. The sets are usually used for decorative purposes and would also serve as good gifts.